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Rinstrum R300 SERIES

Digital weight indicators offer high levels of performance and functionality by combining all the very latest advances in weighing technology into one compact package.
The powerful 24 bit Sigma-Delta A/D converter ensures fast and accurate weight readings, while the latest RFI-protected surface-mount PCB technology minimises power consumption and provides extreme durability under harsh operating conditions.
The comprehensive setup and calibration menus and functions are displayed in plain English, making configuration and calibration an easy task.
The software auto-detects the type of power supply (plug-pack or internal batteries) and alters the power saving functions to match.

The R320 has superb stability and performance including Trade Approval with OIML and NSC to 4,000 divisions. 5 point linearising is standard.
The programmable function key can be configured for any one of the built-in functions (Counting, Manual Hold, Peak Hold, Live Weight Totalising).
The built-in 15kV protected RS232 serial port can perform almost any communications role.
It has a built-in opto-isolated Rin-LINK data coupling for safe PC programming.
Two isolated transistor setpiont outputs provide for basic weight-control or level-control functions.
The unit can be battery powered for portable or isolated applications.nstrum Pty Ltd (formerly Ranger Instruments) is Australia's leading manufacturer of electronics for the Weighing Industry.

Rinstrum R420-K401 indicator introduces a fresh new design concept to Rinstrum's series of digital indicators. It is a variant of the R420-K402 indicator minus the ability to add optional modules.

The R420’s Digital Counter tracks all changes made to TRADE settings only. This allows alterations on NON-TRADE settings without forcing a re-certification and full weights test as would happen when a physical seal was broken.

The exceptionally large LCD display has very bright LED backlighting to ensure easy reading in all lighting conditions - including bright sunlight. There are three seperate lines of data that can be viewed: 29mm high main digits, 18mm high secondary digits/text and a third line of 6mm high digits for displaying product names, totals, etc.

The silicon keypads offer superb feedback with a precise soft-touch operation. There are three assignable function keys to alleviate confusion when performing special keystroke operations.

All R420 series indicators feature our rin-LINK innovation for direct PC access to all setup and configuration settings via a magnetically latched data cable connected directly to the display glass. The R420 firmware can be updated (flashed) with dedicated software functionality at a later date with a minimum of fuss.

The unit is fitted with two on-board serial output ports (RS232 bi-directional & RS485 transmit only). There are various standard printing formats available for the RS232 output.nstrum 




Up to 100,000 divisions, minimum of 0.25µV/division, 50 updates / second (Trade 10000 divisions at 0.7µV/division)

Zero Cancellation


Span Adjustment

0.1mV/V to 3.0mV/V full scale


Zero: < 0.1µV/°C (+ 8ppm of deadload max)
Span: < 8 ppm/°C, Linearity < 20ppm, Noise < 0.2µVp-p


7.4 volts for up to 16 x 350 ohm load cells (4 wire or 6 wire + shield)

A/D Type

24bit Sigma Delta with 8,388,608 internal counts

A/D Conversion rate

50Hz with FIR filtering > 80dB

Operating Environment

Temperature: -10 to +50°C ambient, Humidity: < 90% non-condensing



LCD - 29mm main digits / 18mm secondary Digits


Bright LED Backlight

Setup and Calibration

Full digital with visual prompting in plain messages

Digital Filter

Sliding window average from 0.1 second to 4.0 seconds

Zero Range

Adjustable from ±2% to ±20% of full capacity

Special Features

rin-LINK Compatible

Provides direct PC access to setup & firmware data using a rin-LINK cable (an IR head magnetically latches to the housing)


10 Point Linearity Correction
Dual Range / Dual Interval Modes
Direct mV/V calibration entry
On-board Serial Ports; RS-232 bi-directional and RS485 transmit only
"Quality Assurance Due" reminder

Power Input


12 to 24VDC (15 VA max) - ON/OFF key with memory feature

Optional VAC

M4101; 110-240 VAC, 50-60Hz Power Input



M4001; Back Shell & Desk Stand Kit


M4003; Desk/Wall/Pole Mount “U” Bracket, Stainless Steel (Needs M4001)




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